Friday, May 27, 2016



I believe that there is a better way – a way in which a society can be organized to bring out the best in people. A society based on consent.

The purpose of the Consentia Project is: To purchase a tract of land where people can live in peace and harmony.

You have at least two ways of becoming part of the idea:

• Donate an amount.

• Purchase a share of the project.

You can also contribute time and effort – spread the word, organize events, canvass contributors.


This project may or may not be part of:

A lot of groundwork and thinking has been done over the years of how such a soviety may be put together. I have some ideas that I would like to introduce that will make the area accessible to all that may want to live in a consent-based society, who at the point of entry may not fully understand or even commit to the idea.

31 May 2016

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